About Us

Earth Technologies (ET)

has become a leading green solutions company in a very short period of time. Our concern for the environment, our love for nature and our passionate beliefs have committed us to supplying and installing renewable energy systems and energy saving devices for the public and private sectors for 4 consecutive years now.

E.T. is all about the relation between the Company and the client. We aim to provide our customers with advanced technologies in order to minimize environmental impact while saving substantial amounts of money spent on energy usage.
E.T.’s team is made up of highly skilled engineers, technicians, and visionary business people. The people working at E.T. are the main reason E.T. has gained market share, market respect and mostly market recognition on highly competitive grounds. E.T. has won major projects and has proved the capability to flawlessly provide complex projects on time.
We specialize in designing and installing top-quality products including LED lighting, solar thermal systems, solar photovoltaic systems, and solar street lighting. In addition, ET provides electrical and mechanical consultancy and contracting services for all types of projects.
Our exposure to various types of projects has taught us about the different needs, trend variations and the multiple applications that the market demands.
Our aim is to fulfill clients’ needs in the most professional way possible; our designs are custom made depending on specific requirements and project givens.